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12MonthLoans4U.co.uk is an online based loan arranger offers 12 month loans to needy loan seekers in UK at reasonable rates of Interest. We are tied up with some cooperative lenders of United Kingdom who tend to offer 12 month loans at affordable tenure to employed borrowers so that they can utilize them to cope with urgent financial requirements.

Generally 12 month loans are offered as both secured and unsecured loans, but we substantially offer unsecured 12 months loans to employed borrowers who are suffering from urgent financial calamities but earn at least £750 through their Job or self employment. Please note that we don’t target those who are financially weak since the act can induce individuals coming under debt trap.

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Regardless, we at 12MonthLoans4U make every possible effort to put forward money to our consumers in hassle free manner where you don’t have to participate in any manual activity. All you need to do is just apply for our loans spending five to 10 minutes and receive fast possible decision. If you are approved for loans by our affiliated lenders then you’ll be given a Credit agreement to sign online.

We persuade to keep you away from giant paperwork and conduct all activity of applying process whether it is to sign loan agreement or sending your valuable documents. The amount you can get through these loans can rise from £100 to £1500 or sometime more depending on your ability and income.

Benefits of availing 12 month loans from 12MonthLoans4U :

Applying for 12 month loans from 12MonthLoans4U will allow you avail lots of benefits where on prior basis, we make the applying process simpler that prevents you getting indulged in any manual hurdle. You can simply apply for your loans without losing the comforts of your home as everything is available online.

Regardless, we also deliver you an easy repayment option where you’ll be provided full 52 weeks to repay your debt by our lenders. Note: At the time of repayment, we request all our borrowers not to skip any payment since the practice can compel you pay some penalty charges that is decided as per your loan amount.

If you thoroughly repay your debt without skipping any installment then you will simply be able to overcome the debt in a decided period of time without any hassle and will be able to live a debt free life and to re-apply for our loans again whenever required. Each of our loan deals is having a complete transparency where we clear your every single doubt regarding each of our loan categories. Read our ‘Terms & Conditions, ‘Privacy Policy’ and APR structure carefully to know the overall procedure.

Eligibility criteria for 12-month loans:

To be eligible to avail loans from 12MonthLoans4U, you need to be:

  • A citizen or the permanent resident of UK
  • Should be 18 years old or above
  • Should have normal source of earnings

Salaried individuals, corporate employees, government employees and working professionals can easily avail 12 months loan under attractive terms from 12MonthLoans4U. Most importantly, your wages need to be paid into your bank account. We believe in ethical business practices and have devised friendly policies so that maximum number of people can avail the benefits of our attractive 12 month loan deals.

You will have to furnish us the following details to get loans at highly competitive terms :

  • Your age proof
  • Your residence proof
  • Details of your valid bank account number
  • Proof of your income

Apply for 12 month loans today from 12MonthLoans4U to meet your short term financial urgencies and live a trouble free life.

12 Month Loans Guide

Read our Loan Guide to know everything that matters in payday loans. It will come handy to you whenever you plan to avail loan from the lenders. It is important that you read the fine print of the terms and condition and the privacy policy of your lender carefully.

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